Akakura at a mountain village in KUMANO

The mountain range of mystical Kii Mountains
A diary of akakura at a mountain village in KUMANO every season
(update 2011.11.6)
Thrilled and powerful scenery Oonigura, A huge rocky mountain

The way to Akakura fishery goes into a mountain from along the sea in Kumano, and is narrow -- it is a way windingly. The familiar person also takes about 30 minutes by car. It is in the mountain which neither a bus nor a train is running along. But beautiful water and scenery remain there proudly. There are Oonigura of a brave scene, beautiful Ogawa river, and two beautiful waterfall, Ametaki and Gangara.

Akakura fishery 594-1, Ikusei-cho Akakura, Kumano-shi, Mie-ken, 519-4446