Akakura at a mountain village in KUMANO

The Mihama-Kitayama line (prefectural road No.52) is run by car toward the Ikuo town for 1-2 minutes from Akakura fishery, it is in along a way. It is said that this waterfall that praises clean water soaked the bell of the temple in the basin of a waterfall as are also a ground of pray for rain and a drought continues.

A diary of akakura at a mountain village in KUMANO every season
(update 2011.11.6)
Thrilled and powerful scenery Oonigura, A huge rocky mountain

There is a way from which it gets down to the basin of a waterfall. Although seldom fixed, such scenery will be seen if it gets down. Depending on a season, cautions are required also for a bee or a pit viper. The place of rich nature also has rich animals and plants.

Legend of Amenouo

There were two men who tried to catch the large land-locked salmon of living in the basin of a waterfall of Ametaki once upon a time, using the cormorant. When it tried to have released a cormorant, there is nothing from anywhere, the priest appeared and it entreated to want you to stop releasing a cormorant. Two persons have consented, opened the lunch of steamed rice with millet brought since he was hungry, and also invited the priest for dinner. Since the priest's figure disappeared unawares, two persons thought that they were happy with the ability to come, broke the promise, and released the cormorant. Then, cloudy water rolled the large whirlpool from the bottom of the basin of a waterfall, and since it became terrible thunderstorm, two persons became fearful and fled. When carried out on the next day, a cormorant and a 1-m large land-locked salmon had died and floated in the basin of a waterfall. What and steamed rice with millet were contained, when it raised to the shore and the belly was torn.

The prefectural road was improved so that a waterfall could be clearly seen.

A river is crossed and it arranges to the nearness of the basin of a waterfall. It is a cool place also in summer.

Akakura fishery 594-1, Ikusei-cho Akakura, Kumano-shi, Mie-ken, 519-4446