Introduction of amago

We will pack carefully one by one manually.
They ship live fish, fresh fish, boiled figure, dried overnight, and so on refrigeration, a variety of goods.
Please have it once by all means.

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Mie amago specialties (raw)
1kg (about 10-15 tail) Size:70-100g

Small mie amago specialties (frozen)
150 tail case Size:8-10g

Skewers (frozen)
20cm around

Dried overnight (frozen)
3 pieces 18cm around

Simmered Japanese style

Fillet (frozen)
About 80g you can eat in the natural thawing.

Dried amago roe (frozen)
you can eat in the natural thawing.

Amago roe soaked in soy sauce
Seasonal : November to January

Fish sauce 120ml in bottles

Depending on a product, in the case of out of stock, so might not make on the relationship between the season, please contact us.

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