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Almost all things are Japanese displays.
Private residence Akakura The first institution of a people stay to open in an east Kishuu area. It is a very quiet mountain village. Spots currently introduced to "the holy place best 100 of Japan(Keiji Ueshima work)", such as Akagura shrine and Ooniura, are close. A trekking and a farming experience are also guided.
KUMANO JOURNAL From Oku-Kumano. KUMANO JOURNAL is a free paper of the quarterly issue started in October 2010, aiming at becoming a cause of the trip to Oku-Kumano. In a web, it sends at any time about the information on the report dealt with by the free paper, or a topic. A free paper can also be perused.
Zakoya Kanbayashi The store adhering to the blessing of Kumano. Building the daily dish using a domestic eel and the fish landed in Kumano Nada is being continued
River boat sightseeing at Doro-kyou Kawasemi River boat sightseeing at Doro-kyou Kawasemi. Let's travel Doro-kyo with a river boat, feeling a wind for a cheek.
Kamikodai Oribako Store A shop of a wooden box, the box made of thin wood production sale using Yoshino cedar, hinoki, paulownia, fir tree, falcataria materials
Kumano City Official.
East Kishu portal site Kumadoko Information about five cities and towns in east Kishu. It is run in private enterprise.
Kounoue elementary school, junior high school The school which is the nearest to Akakura. It is a wonderful wooden building.
Product promotion society of Kumano city It is full of information to be advantageous, and to be helpful about Kumano
Tennyoza. The music hall where it is in Hadasu-cho, and the view of the sea is splendid.
Museum of noted street's view in East Kishu Check a noted street's view in Mie. Akakura is introduced, too.
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Administrative scrivener office Tamaki A master is from Nigishima, carry out industrial waste permission, the construction industry permission procedure in Nagoya city, Aichi.
Guesthouse AISU. A private home providing meals and lodging in Kitayama villege, Wakayama. They comprise bungalows and a barbecue in exclusive facilities. Furthermore, the guide of rafting and the canyoning can do it, too.
アイスマン Iceman. Outdoor club in Kitayama villega, Wakayama. They offer a guided tour to be able to enjoy rafting and canyoning willingly.

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